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Rental Property Fall Checklist

Fall is the perfect time to catch up on all the housework that has to be done in order for your property to be ready for winter. Read through the following checklist for what tenants and landlords should do to prepare for winter!


-> Fire prevention & safety:

- Test your smoke and CO2 detectors and replace batteries if necessary.

- Clean out your fireplace / chimney.

- Replace furnace filter and inspect furnace and ducts.

- Remind tenants of safe practice in regards to heating.

- Remind tenants of safe practice in regards to holiday lights installation.

-> Windows & doors:

- Ensure proper sealing, insulation and caulking is in place around windows and doors.

- Remind tenants not to open windows during winter to ensure that heating is efficient.


-> Outdoor lighting

- Ensure outdoor lighting is functional for the months with reduced-daylight.

-> Roof

- Ensure that the roof is cleared of leaves / other debris.

- Check and clear downspouts and gutters.

-> Exterior landscaping

- Clear leaves, wrap trees, put away outdoor furniture.

-> Stock up on winter supplies

- Winter mats, shovel(s), salt.

- Secure your snow removal contract (if applicable).


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