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Apartment hunting and worried about COVID-19? During this stressful time we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all our customers, clients, tenants and staff. If you are looking to secure a viewing, please expect additional screening. Viewings will only be scheduled for serious prospective tenants who have been pre-screened, no open-house style showings will be held.

What to expect at a viewing? We will verify with any occupied units to ensure that no one in the household has any symptoms of illness prior to the viewing. Until further notice, you will be asked to keep your hands in your pockets throughout the duration of your visit and your leasing agent will wear gloves to touch door handles, locks and light switches for your safety.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please alert your leasing agent as soon as possible to reschedule any viewings for the safety of current tenants, our team members and their families.

A special thank you goes out from our team to all those diligently maintaining vital services in the community during these difficult times: health care providers, grocery store employees, all delivery staff...

A thank you in advance to all for your continued patience and understanding as we all endeavor to adapt as quickly and appropriately as possible to the ever changing challenges presented.Let’s all practice social distancing, but not loose our sense of community, a little kindness goes a long way!

Filament Realty Management


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