On the board of your co-operative housing association?

Our team eagerly looks forward to working with you to manage the day-to-day operations of your co-operative housing development.

Eager to meet the needs of a new market, we have combined our many years of experience in the not-for-profit, financial management and residential leasing & management sectors to create Filament Community Management!


Within the Ottawa area there are over 50 cooperative housing developments comprising over 3,500 units. We understand that co-operative housing communities truly come in all shapes and sizes and that the members of a co-op are also just as varied! We are enthusiastic to tailor our skill set to the growing needs of the diverse members and boards of directors within housing co-operatives in the Ottawa area.

Housing co-ops are member-owned and controlled businesses that can provide an affordable alternative to home ownership while providing control over one’s housing. In these democratic communities, residents make decisions on how the co-op operates, including the election of a Board of Directors to manage the business of the co-op. 

We are here to act as the foremost ally of the Board of Directors! Our small & friendly team is designed to provide personalized service on a day-to-day basis.


  • Budgeting and financial planning

  • Housing charge collection

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable management 

  • Comprehensive monthly board reporting package 

  • Audit preparation

  • Arrears management (notices, reports to the board, implementing evictions/expulsions) 


  • Work order administration

  • Repairs response (confirmation of receipt of work order, initial assessment within 24 business hours)

  • Work with committees to develop and implement preventative maintenance and inspection programs

  • Ensure the co-op is free of hazards and is notified of any regulatory infractions (fire codes, ESA rules…)

  • Working with committees where applicable to maintain community features such as: playgrounds, park, parking, gardens, pools or laundry facilities

More than coming in when things break, we preform regular property inspections (including move-in and move-out inspections) and design custom maintenance schedules to keep on top of routine maintenance at properties. Preventive maintenance work goes along way in avoiding larger breakdowns.


  • Assisting with by-law and policy development and amendments

  • Maintaining co-op files and corporate documents

  • Meeting corporate and program reporting requirements

  • Managing internal and external correspondence

  • Ensuring adherence to legislation


  • Processing new member applications

  • Managing co-op waiting list

  • Vacancy and marketing reports to the board

  • Arranging interviews and unit showings (in association with committee where applicable)

  • Credit and landlord checks

  • Preparing units between members

  • Administering membership/tenancy documentation

  • Arranging new member welcome and orientation (in association with committee where applicable)


  • Supporting the board in making sound decisions

  • Assisting with the planning of and preparation for board meetings

  • Ensuring minutes are taken and circulated promptly

  • Assisting with orientation of new directors and identifying training opportunities

  • Helping to organize annual planning sessions

  • Ensuring good two-way communication between the board and members/tenants

  • Helping to organize and prepare the members/tenants for meetings

  • Providing advice to the board and membership/tenants on their respective governance roles

If your co-op has its own management staff or committees in place, we are more than happy to work with them; otherwise we can implement or provide the support needed to meet the needs of the co-ops day-to-day management requirements. 

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